We understand that sometimes you may want support to find and identify the best talent in the market quickly yet avoid hefty agency fees.  Our AI Talent Mapping & Sourcing services do exactly that, saving you time, energy and money.

We use the latest AI technology to focus on the passive market using real-time data.  We provide you with specific market insights reports & ranked talent lists to enable you to take a targeted approach to sourcing hard to fill roles.

What can our AI Talent Solutions offer?

  • Market Insights Talent Reporting
  • Open Web Search Technology
  • Outreach Engagement Campaigns
  • AI Search Ranked Candidate Lists
  • Talent Mapping by Industry
  • Diversity focused search & insights reporting
  • Data segmentation by industry & organisation
  • Competitor analysis

We can substantially reduce cost and time to hire while providing the most up to date market intelligence available. Advertising reaches 20% of the market, our AI & Machine Learning targets the other 80%.

Who are our AI Talent Solutions designed for:?

  • Small to medium businesses that want to avoid the high cost of traditional recruitment
  • Larger businesses that have an established Talent Acquisition team but need help identifying where the best talent is located
  • Any business that has an outdated ATS who would like to re-activate your hidden talent

We engage with the very best technology partners around the world – so you don’t have to.