Why you should consider making the move from Enterprise to SME

When searching for a new job it’s natural to look to the well know large corporate firms, consultancies or enterprise organisations.

And for good reason. There are many benefits to working for these larger, well-known and highly regarded businesses.

They offer stability by being well established, and provide a solid foundation for developing your career. They have detailed policies and processes that give a clear indication of expectations and responsibilities, offer structured training and mentoring, as well as a clear path for career advancement and growth within the organisation. 

On top of this, they’re often well known for their added perks and benefits. As a larger organisation they have access to more resources to invest in better working conditions and flexible working conditions in terms of working hours or telecommuting.

However, if you’re looking exclusively at the big names, you may be overlooking opportunities that could be as good – or better – for your career, and put you on the fast track for that next big opportunity.

By being part of a smaller team you have the opportunity to widen your skill-set and take on responsibilities or tasks that may not traditionally form part of your job description. This allows you to diversify and opens up more opportunities down the track, which is in stark contrast to large enterprises where you often have to specialise and be an expert in one or two clearly defined areas.

In smaller organisations there is also often a greater opportunity to significantly contribute to the company’s growth and truly make your mark. Ever pitched an idea at a large corporate and have it never make it to the right person? This is much more likely to succeed when you’re sitting just a couple of desks away from the CEO, or have a good relationship with the owner of a business.

And, in terms of working environment, SMEs are taking their cue from the larger organisations. More and more they’re offering greater flexibility in working arrangements and investing in their work environment, culture and remuneration in a bid to attract and keep top talent. 

So, when you’re looking at the next step in your career don’t overlook an opportunity because it’s with an organisation that may not be as well recognised or well established. Consider positions in a smaller SME or start up. You might be pleasantly surprised as to how it can kickstart your career and open you up to opportunities a big enterprise business won’t.