STS Group was created to provide organisations with a unique approach to developing long-term talent strategies. Paul is ex-military and a veteran, and has transitioned his experience of highly challenging environments to the commercial world.

For nearly 25 years, Paul has been assisting businesses to align their business strategies and people planning to increase performance and retention. Paul has been on both sides of the fence and as a client he realised that there was more that can be done to form stronger collaborative partnerships to really add value to delivery.

It is our belief that traditional approaches are highly transactional and often are focused on the ‘here and now’ vs. a plan for the future ambition.

STS Group has an ethos of deep and meaningful partnerships, high levels of support at a price point that allows for long-term sustainability. Nothing we do is off the shelf, allowing us to be totally agile with our solutions with the ability to pivot quickly to keep pace with changing business needs.

As people planning and change can require substantial handholding, STS Group has invested heavily in technology to increase our speed of delivery and substantially reduce costs compared to traditional approaches. Our talent tech stack is at the cutting edge of global talent technology and allows us to provide the very best level of care and service.